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The Instant Women Catching Ring of Africa

L'Anneau Instantané des Femmes en Afrique

this is something more than gold


  the questions

are you feeling shy of women?

are you unable to talk to women?

are you not having enough confidence to express

yourself to ladies or women?

are you ugly and girls/ladies/and women not desiring you?

are you very handsome too but you have no love because

of your weakness to face ladies?

are you there not having a good time like other men?


your answer

if your answer to this questions is yes....then you need this

specially ritualized power charged ring to get any woman

of your choice down at any time you want.


the rules

do not use it for a relative. (if you do you fall sick and probably never recover)

you must exercise a very little/small boldness to talk.

you must be over 18 years.

you must know that this charm is for lust and not love.


the power

the ring would be charged for you using your name, your mother’s names and your picture.

it needs no prayers, chants or rituals.

you just shake hands with your target and agree

with whatever you ask her to do and it is only for men.



the benefits
-you do not need to talk to a lady
-you look so powerful and attractive in the eyes and mind of the opposite sex
-you make your commands to the opposite sex
-you can use just to get ladies for fun
-you can use it to get a real lover
-you can use the charm to make your request during love spells
-to make a lover continuously dream of you
-to catch distant lovers
-to change the mind of women
-to make her stay with you
-to make lover stays with you until you need her no more
-to make her marry you.
-you enjoy this charm for life no expiration.




go for something more than gold

if you are interested in this ring please write to us to prepare one for you we empower each ring on request so it is always available. The voodoo

magician: for details  and price negotiations 


all the above can be customized also for women who want to catch men in love, sex and lust only (no marriage).

price: $1000

40% before work, 60% after the result


the year 2019 marks our 25th year in operation. for this anniversary, we are giving all our devotees worldwide special discounts as seen below:

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